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"The Half of It": Madison Beer's Upcoming Memoir

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Patricia Voto

Madison Beer announced that she is releasing a memoir, The Half of It! The memoir will be published by Harper Collins and will be available to read on April 25th. People was given an exclusive look at the memoir's vulnerable cover below!

Photo by Harper Collins

The Half of It was a work in progress for the past two years and will include how Beer started her path to music after going viral at age 12. Since then, Beer has had numerous music releases and has become an influencer with close to 35 million followers on Instagram. Beer will also talk about what happened out of the public eye in the memoir such as her privacy being infringed upon, mental health issues, and her considering suicide while making her first album Life Support. A press release for the memoir said that it "hammers home the point, more striking and urgent than ever, that no matter how close the internet may make us feel to people, we truly don't know the half of it."

Beer talked to People and revealed some background onThe Half of It as well as her thoughts. She said, "It's important to be real and honest, and I think all of us can attest to being imperfect and to making mistakes early in life. I wanted this book to remind people not to be afraid of those mistakes, as really they are learning moments, moments of growth. Being able to tell my story the way it really happened continues to be important to me." Though song-writing and book-writing are different, Beer saw some similarities in technique. She noted, "I wasn't sure how I would tackle writing in book format, but writing songs is a process of telling a story. I looked at this book in the same way — how can I tell an authentic and honest story and use my experience in writing songs to write this book?"

Beer posted on Instagram to announce The Half of It, giving a preview of the dedication page. She thanks her family and younger self: "For my mother, my brother, and my father--thank you. I know it hasn't been easy / For the younger Madison I'm writing this about--thank you for getting me here / I hope I've made you proud."

In the interview with People, Beer also teased new music saying,"I am so excited for this next album which will be coming soon. Music has always been my first love; it's what led me to this memoir and what drives me daily. I am really excited for what is next with my music this year." Beer's most recent release was in October of 2022 when she dropped the single "Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)."

The Half of It is now available for pre-order on sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walmart! Since its announcement, the memoir has reached the #1 spot on Amazon's "New Release" list for "Biographies of Composers and Musicians."

Keep an eye out for The Half of It releasing in two months, as well as Madison Beer's new music!



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