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Sabrina Carpenter Sings "Nonsense" and "Late Night Talking" at BBC's Live Lounge

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Vince Aung

Sabrina Carpenter visited BBC Radio on February 23rd to sing at the Live Lounge! Live Lounge is the radio show's segment in which invited artists sing one of their own songs and a cover of another song. What makes the Live Lounge unique is that artists sing covers in a completely different genre than the original song is in.

Carpenter first sang her own song "Nonsense" from her most recent album emails i can't send. On Spotify, "Nonsense" is Carpenter's most popular song and has accumulated 138,601,339 streams! The song's popularity increased when it became a trending Tik Tok audio, and many celebrities participated in the dance challenge for it, including Korean pop girl group Aespa! While on tour in 2022, Carpenter changed the outro for "Nonsense" each show. During her BBC Live Lounge performance, she kept this tradition by singing the outro as, "I'm American, I am not British / So 'BBC' it stands for something different / This Live Lounge is so lit because I'm in it / Innit? Because I'm 'in it' / Do you get it?"

In addition to "Nonsense," Carpenter sang Harry Styles' "Late Night Talking." Her version of the song was slowed-down and had R&B elements, which was perfect for her smooth vocal tone. Fans would agree, with comments on the video saying that Carpenter's voice is "perfect" for the song.

In 2022, Carpenter began her "emails i can't send" tour with 14 stops in the United States and Canada. The first leg spanned from September 29th to October 20th. On December 12th, Carpenter announced via her Instagram that she will be going on a second leg of the tour, reaching more cities in the U.S. and Canada in bigger venues. She later added three more legs to the tour, with performances in South America, Europe, and Asia. In February of this year, Carpenter announced that Spill Tab and Blu DeTiger will be joining her as openers on the 2023 legs of the tour!

Carpenter also teased some surprises for her U.K. tour dates in her interview with BBC Radio. She said that the U.K. has "such a fun crowd" that "knows how to have a good time... and [she's] definitely going to have some surprises for sure." When asked to give a clue for the surprises and whether there will be any special guests, all Carpenter could say was that there will be "new music for sure."

Photo by BBC Radio

Select tickets for Sabrina Carpenter's 2023 "emails i can't send" tour are still available on Ticketmaster now! Be sure to also tune in to Carpenter's full BBC Radio interview and Live Lounge performances.



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