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WATCH: Fans Met Taylor Swift in the Pouring Rain in Nashville

By Chloe Chang

Photo by John Shearer

Last night (May 7th), Taylor Swift performed her third show in Nashville for the Eras Tour. Due to storms in the area surrounding Nissan Stadium, the show was delayed. Around 5:40 pm, Nissan Stadium tweeted that because of severe weather, concert-goers were to shelter in place. At 6:08 pm, they sent out another tweeted with the instructions to "move to the covered areas of the concourses or ramps, or shelter areas as directed by stadium officials."

Fans in the concourse passed time by playing games and even singing Taylor Swift songs.

With speculation over whether Swift would just cancel the already delayed show, she posted on her social media, "Even though we have one last show in Nashville tonight I just have to post these photos causeeeee… it’s been WILD. I got to announce Speak Now (my version) is coming on 7/7, got to perform ‘Nothing New’ with boss genius/baby angel face Phoebe Bridgers for the first time, and have been so moved by these beautiful, generous Nashville crowds!!!! I just can’t believe it. PS I know there’s talk of a rainy weather vibe tonight but I’m ready to play, see you sooon!!"

At 9:25 pm, the shelter in place advisory was lifted and fans were able to make their way to their seats. The show officially began around 10:13 pm and ended at 1:30 am. Since there was such a long delay, openers Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams couldn't perform their sets. Swift and her concert teamed braved the weather conditions and performed in the pouring rain, taking the lyrics to "Sparks Fly" seriously.

Fans admired Swift's ability to wait out the storm and perform her full set for over 3 hours. She gave the same energy to Nashville Night 3 as she did to every other show on the tour.

Photo by John Shearer

Check out this TikTok from user @ashleypaigenicholson of Swift's ending bows that shows how much it was pouring at the show!



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