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Twice Hopes "Moonlight Sunrise" Is on Your Playlist

By Chloe Chang

Photo by JYP Entertainment


The pre-release English single, "Moonlight Sunrise", from Korean pop girl group Twice came out on January 20th! This track follows the release of "The Feels," the group's first all-English single.

"Moonlight Sunrise" was first announced on December 20th last year along with the news of Twice's 12th mini album coming this March. Before the release of "Moonlight Sunrise," the single was described by JYP Entertainment as a "Miami-bass pop song" that "expresses the feelings and excitement you feel when you love someone using analogies of the bright moonlight and rising sun."

In a recent interview with People, the Twice members explained the inspiration behind "Moonlight Sunrise." Jihyo, the leader of the group, stated that the composer of the pre-release single attended Twice's show in May last year at Los Angeles' Banc of California Stadium. At that concert, Twice performed in the open stadium under the bright moonlight. Jihyo said that the composer of "Moonlight Sunrise" found the performance "beautiful," which resulted in the cleverly named song.

The music video for "Moonlight Sunrise" also came out with the release of the single, and the Twice members recall the happy filming environment. Jeongyeon revealed to People that all she can remember from the music video filming is "laughing out loud with the members." Fans on social media have even begun analyzing the "Moonlight Sunrise" video to see if there are any callbacks to previous Twice videos, especially with the song having lyrics such as "I got the moonlight, tequila sunrise," which could connect to the group's previous title track "Alcohol-Free" from Taste of Love.

"Moonlight Sunrise" is the perfect follow up to "The Feels." The track is upbeat and addicting with unique choreography that is still so whole-heartedly "Twice." As member Chaeyoung observes, "Moonlight Sunrise" is "Twice's unique lovely sound with a new twist."

Stream "Moonlight Sunrise" now on all platforms to hear the newest English single by Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu!



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