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SZA Kicks off Her Tour in Columbus

By Chloe Chang

Photo by SZA

SZA started her "S.O.S." tour on February 21st at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio! The first city on the 17-stop tour got to experience the show before anyone else, seeing the concert's production first-hand without fear of encountering spoilers on social media. SZA didn't hold back with stage design for her first arena tour.

The show was nautical-themed with a ship onstage, a lighthouse, a diving board, and an inflatable raft that SZA stood in to sing above the crowd. The large LED screen in the background immersed the arena with changing visuals such as an ocean storm, sunsets, and a Kill Bill-esque fight scene. SZA even had props like a mace and chain, which she swung around while singing "Kill Bill."

Here is the setlist for the first show of the "S.O.S." tour:


“Seek & Destroy”

“Notice Me”


“Love Galore”

“Broken Clocks”



“Bag Lady” (Erykah Badu cover)



“Too Late”

“Smoking on My Ex Pack”

“All the Stars”


“Garden (Say It Like Dat)”


“Drew Barrymore”

“Doves in the Wind”


“Open Arms”



“Nobody Gets Me”

“Gone Girl”


“Kiss Me More”

“Love Language”


“Kill Bill”

“I Hate U”

“The Weekend”

“Good Days”

If your favorite song isn't on the setlist, don't worry! SZA tweeted that her performances will change throughout the tour.

As videos from concert-goers started rolling out, fans were amazed by SZA's elaborate sets.

The growth from SZA's last headlining tour shows just how much popularity the artist has gained in the past few years. The last time she headlined a show in Ohio was for her "CTRL" tour in 2017, where she performed at the House of Blues Cleveland. In comparison to the Schottenstein Center which has a capacity of about 18,800, the House of Blues Cleveland has a capacity of 1,300.

Photo of SZA's Miami "CTRL" tour show by THE GROUND

Photo of SZA's Schottenstein Center crowd by "SZACRAVE" on Twitter

SZA started of the "S.O.S." tour strong, and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for the rest of her tour!



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