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Rebecca Black picks up the “Crumbs” on haunting new single

By Anthony Cesario

For better or for worse, Rebecca Black may always live in our public consciousness as the “Friday” girl. But for the past couple years, she’s been dropping some of the most consistent, underrated pop music of her peers.

Last night, she released her latest – and possibly best – track yet: “Crumbs.” An infectiously dark dance-pop tune that lives somewhere between Charli XCX and Blackout-era Britney, “Crumbs” is fresh and futuristic and familiar all at once. It’s catchy in the way that makes you realize you’ve had it on repeat for the past hour, definitely one of the most addictive pop songs I’ve heard all year.

But the lyrics are, I think, the most fascinating part of the song. “Crumbs” has an aura of both seduction and eeriness; depending on how you read the lyrics, Rebecca could be either singing about sexual desire or a toxic and abusive relationship, or possibly both at the same time. “You can make a mess / And I’ll pick up the crumbs / And there’s nothing you could do to make me love you less / At your worst, you’re still my best,” she sings in the chorus. The possibility of both interpretations makes for a song that’s more complex than your average pop song, and one that warrants returning to.

Rebecca is gearing up for the release of her official debut album, Let Her Burn, in early 2023. It will follow last year’s EP Rebecca Black Was Here, another great project I recommend checking out. And if Let Her Burn is anywhere near as good as “Crumbs,” safe to say we’re in for a treat.



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