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Louis Tomlinson drops new song “Silver Tongues”

By Anthony Cesario

This morning, Louis Tomlinson released “Silver Tongues,” the third single from his upcoming album Faith in the Future.

The song starts deceptively slow, as Louis’ voice croons over a gentle piano melody. The lyrics are a scattered hodgepodge of detailed imagery that bring us into the moment: “Air Max’s and silver tongues / Settle in for another heavy one / You said love was a pretty lie / And I choked when your smoke got in my eye,” he sings.

But soon enough, the song explodes into a big pop-rock chorus, one you can imagine yourself singing along to in the car with the windows rolled down. “You smile at me and say it’s time to go / But I don’t feel like going home.” It’s a euphoric, nostalgic dedication to living in the present, one that feels particularly poignant post-pandemic.

Faith in the Future, the follow-up to Louis’ debut album Walls (2020), aims to have a more hopeful and uplifting sound than its predecessor. The full album, with 16 tracks, will be released Friday.



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