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Hatchie takes us on a “Nosedive” with new single

By Anthony Cesario

Discovering Hatchie’s music has been one of my favorite accomplishments this year. Her exquisite blend of the dream pop and grunge/industrial genres is the ‘90s throwback sound I didn’t even know I needed, and from the moment I first heard her music I had fallen in love.

Now she’s back with her brand new single “Nosedive,” a song she describes as “realizing you don’t have control over your life despite your best efforts…[she] wanted the lyrics to sound like the devil on your shoulder convincing you to self-sabotage.” Over a grimey, fast-paced beat that channels a “goth megaclub,” Hatchie delivers her signature abstract lyricism with her wonderful voice. “Keep serving your head on a platter expecting loyalty / When all you need is a glimpse into a parallel reality,” she sings, before launching into a punchy, wordless chorus. Much like the rest of Hatchie’s discography, “Nosedive” does a phenomenal job pulling you into the moment and refusing to let you go for its entire duration.

“Nosedive” is Hatchie’s first release since Giving the World Away earlier this year, a fantastic album that largely went under the radar. While we don’t know yet if “Nosedive” is the lead single for an upcoming project, it is sure to keep fans satisfied in the meantime.



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