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Wave's "The Calvin Harris Experience"

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Wave, PICO, and Tik Tok

Calvin Harris has officially entered the virtual reality space!

On January 13th (GMT), in partnership with Tik Tok and PICO, Wave streamed "The Calvin Harris Experience": a virtual concert featuring an avatar of world-renowned DJ and producer Calvin Harris.

Through the Tik Tok Live platform, fans got to see Calvin Harris perform a setlist of his greatest hits. For those in Europe and Asia, "The Calvin Harris Experience" was also broadcasted through PICO's virtual reality headsets. In addition to viewing the concert, PICO users were able to join the concert as their own avatars, and according to Wave, they could "participate by interacting with others, creating dazzling effects throughout the show by clapping, writing personalized messages in the air, and even join Calvin on stage!"

"The Calvin Harris Experience" had different durations depending on which VR platform you used. Tik Tok Live users experienced a 35 minute show with a 5 minute pre-show, while PICO users had an hour long show with a 5 minute pre-show and a 25 minute extended set. Another great benefit was that the show was completely free for everyone!

Calvin Harris is not the first artist to collaborate with Wave on a virtual concert. In the past two years, Wave created interactive experiences for artists such as Justin Bieber and the Weeknd, as well as other DJs such as Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland!

Don't worry if you missed the first broadcast of "The Calvin Harris Experience!" Wave is bringing multiple rebroadcasts to fans all the way until February 26th.



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