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Charli XCX Makes Fans Go Wild During Her Boiler Room Set in NYC

PHOTO: Matt Weinberger

The presence and talent of Charli XCX made the night live up to the once-in-a-lifetime experience it was when she performed her Boiler Room set in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York City on February 22, 2024. She also performed alongside special guests, including A.G. Cook, EasyFun, and George Daniel (her fiancé and the drummer of the 1975) –three esteemed music producers who have worked with Charli to produce her music.

The XCX rave, named Party Girl, generated over 25,000 RSVPs in the first few hours it was announced. Notably, this has been the largest count of RSVPs that the Boiler Room has seen so far. And it makes sense considering this is Charli's first live performance in New York since her CRASH: The Live Tour in 2022. Moreover, her last Boiler Room performance was in 2020 when she performed her album how i'm feeling now live.

DJs EasyFun and Doss opened the night with techno tracks that gave the audience a glimpse into the fun they would experience for the rest of the night. Soon after the end of their opening sets, Charli arrived with A.G. Cook and George Daniel.

Undoubtedly, Party Girl was promotion for her upcoming sixth album and part of the promotion was the unveiled performance of "Von Dutch" which will be the opening track of the new album.

She mixed and performed XCX classics, including “I Love It,” “Vroom Vroom,” and — which made the crowd go wild and hungry for more. Addison Rae and Julia Fox were brought out as special guests who helped make the night one to remember. 

A.G. Cook and George Daniel closed the night with their hype DJ performances and the crowd was left with an unforgettable experience and overflowing love for Charli.

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