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WATCH: Twice Surprises Fans at Pop-up

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Chloe Chang

Over the weekend, Twice held a pop-up in Los Angeles on Melrose! The store lasted from Saturday, March 4th to Sunday, March 5th, and fans were able to buy exclusive merchandise and take pictures. The location of the pop-up was announced on Friday, March 3rd and fans started lining up almost 24 hours in advance!

The pop-up was giving out special photocards with a minimum purchase of $40, and many people lined up just to get the photocards. Since the pop-up only lasted 2 days and not everyone could go, the value of the photocards increased significantly. Many listed their photocards for sale on sites such as Ebay with bids above $100 and still rising!

Photo from Ebay

The Twice members made two special appearances to the pop-up on Saturday, March 4th. Their first appearance occurred when the store opened at 1pm, while the second appearance happened in the afternoon around 4 pm. For the first appearance, the members stood on the second floor and interacted with fans on the first floor, teasing their upcoming min-album Ready to Be and title track "Set Me Free." For the members' second appearance, they took over merchandise sales and helped fans check out. Watch the videos below for fans' experiences being surprised by Twice!



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