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WATCH: Jordana Bryant's 360 Video Performance for “Penniless & Broke”

Romantic relationships are a two-way, two-person effort. Successful, fulfilling relationships are built on mutual trust, care, and devotion which is why it can be devastating when one person falls out of love with the other. It can even be more gut-wrenching when the person who falls out of love with the other gives them some phony baloney excuse as to why they think the two should no longer be a couple.

“Penniless & Broke” revolves around the story of a relationship ending because one person has given up on it. The song is told from the heartbroken yet infuriated perspective of the girl who is being broken up with; the partner breaking up with them claims they feel like a burden to them, but the girl knows that this is just an excuse. The partner knows that she would be there through thick and thin, even if they were “penniless & broke.”

Baby, you and I both know

I would’ve loved you penniless and broke

I-I-I would’ve followed you down any road 

I-I-I would’ve taken you with all your problems

If you wanted to solve them, but you don’t,

No you don’t

One hint that highlighted how the partner lost feelings for her was seen in how they broke up with her over the phone, as said in the first line of the single. Moreover, it seemed like they were “reading off a script” as they were breaking up with her. These two ingenuine acts combined illustrate how the partner initiating the breakup saw it as a task to get over with for themselves rather than placing concern over the girl’s feelings and the shared history they had together. This line sets the tone for the song by illustrating the disconnect that has grown between the two, or at least, how it is one-sided. 

A quick tempo, explosive guitar strums, and Bryant’s vibrant voice strongly complement the confusion and fury laced in the lyrics. The ending of the second chorus contains a perfect example of the emotion easily felt from the lyrics:

I would’ve loved you even at your worse

I-I-I would’ve held you even if it hurt

Yeah, you-you-you could’ve had somebody through whatever, who’s your forever, now you won’t 

No, you won’t

Watch her full 360 performance of “Penniless & Broke” below and stay tuned for what Jordana has to come!

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