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WATCH: James Corden Teases Blackpink's Appearance on "Carpool Karaoke"

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Terence Patrick

On April 17th, The Late Late Show Instagram posted a video of host James Corden and Blackpink in a car. In the video, Corden says, "So I'm in the car, and I need someone to help me get to work, but who's in my area?" The camera then pans to the people in the passenger seat and back row, who are revealed to be the members of Korean pop girl group Blackpink! The members then say their iconic tagline, "Blackpink in your area!"

Blackpink's "Carpool Karaoke" segment aired on April 18th on The Late Late Show. Their appearance is a part of a 12-episode ending to the show, which airs its final episode on April 27th. This marks Blackpink's 3rd appearance on The Late Late Show, their first appearance being in 2019 to promote "Kill This Love," and their second appearance in 2021 for "Pretty Savage."

"Carpool Karaoke" involves James Corden driving around with his guest(s), singing some of their hit songs. The segment began with Mariah Carey in 2015 and has since expanded to include people such as Adele, Michelle Obama and Missy Elliot, Elton John, BTS, and One Direction. Speaking of his idea, Corden said "there was something very joyful about someone very, very famous singing their songs in an ordinary situation. We just had this idea: Los Angeles, traffic, the carpool lane—maybe this is something we could pull off."

Blinks were ecstatic after hearing the news:

On top of "Carpool Karaoke," Blackpink has been dominating 2023. They just finished taking over the Coachella stage this past weekend, and will head back to the desert next week for Weekend 2. The members will continue their "Born Pink" tour these next few months in Mexico, Singapore, and Macau, and have added encore shows in Thailand, California, New Jersey, and Nevada.

Watch The Late Late Show's video now to see Blackpink in "Carpool Karaoke"!



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