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WATCH: American Idol Alum Caleb Lee Hutchinson For A Live 360 Video Shoot From Nashville

After a whirlwind of a couple of years, Georgia native Caleb Lee Hutchinson says that he is finally settled into his artistry.

The American Idol alum and southern charmer released his sonically inventive new project Southern Galactic, to which Caleb said, " If Elon Musk lands us on Mars and they build a honky tonk, this is music designed to be played in it. This is the jukebox."

Known for his rich storytelling and infectious twang, Caleb gifted fans twelve songs that cover any everything from heartache, growth and a damn good time. "To me, this whole era in my personal life has been about just kind of self-discovery and becoming myself truly for the first time as a person and an artist. And I think the music is kind of reflective of that. So this is sort of my reinvention era, I suppose." Caleb told All Country News.

Caleb joined the MUSICVRSE team live in Nashville to perform one of his favorites off the album Things To Burn. Put on your virtual reality goggles to truly immerse yourself with Levi as he performs on a street corner in Music City.

The Uptempo barnburner narrates the heartache we all through when an old flame goes out. But Caleb is ready to burn it all down, ready to move on, he lights the memory of his ex ablaze.

I'm gonna light a little fire myself tonight

You'll see a cloud of smoke from the county line

I got a long list of things to burn

Them old pictures will be ash in the sky

When I take a match to all your things

Our old mattress will still be getting hot tonight

With a little bit of gasoline

You can't blame me, baby, yeah, you did it first

I got a long list of things to burn


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