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Twice Wants to Be Set Free in "Ready to Be"

By Chloe Chang

Photo by JYP Entertainment

Powerhouse Korean pop girl group Twice released their twelfth mini-album Ready to Be on March 10th! The 7-track mini-album includes songs like title "Set Me Free," English single "Moonlight Sunrise," and "Set Me Free (ENG)."

Since its release, Ready to Be peaked at the number 2 and 3 spots on iTunes charts around the world, showing Twice's global popularity. "Set Me Free" itself reached number 1 on iTunes charts for countries such as Bahrain, El Salvador, Moldova, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam!

Critics such as NME and the Rolling Stone have loved Ready to Be, praising it in reviews. NME gave the mini-album four stars, stating that it "helps solidify further the sound the group have claimed as their own." Rolling Stone calls Ready to Be a "confident comeback" that "proves that TWICE are not only ready to compete — they’re ready to stake their claim to the top."

This comeback, Twice took a different approach to promotions. They started in the U.S. in Los Angeles in New York rather than South Korea! In L.A., the members had their exclusive pop-up store, visited Apple Music, performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show, possibly filmed a "Puppy Interview" for Buzzfeed (due to the Buzzfeed Puppies account following Twice on Instagram), and more! Across the country in New York, Twice performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, visited the Spotify office, did an interview with Audacy, and held their comeback live at the iconic Empire State Building! The Empire State Building even lit up in Twice's official colors in honor of Ready to Be's release.

In a month, Twice will kick off their "Ready to Be" tour in Seoul and will spend 3 months on the road performing for ONCE in Australia, Japan, Canada, and the U.S.! Adding to the excitement, Twice teased a new lightstick just in time for the upcoming shows. In a "cheering guide" for "Set Me Free," fans noticed the members holding a lightstick with a different design than the current "CANDYBONG Z." After the video dropped, member Momo went to the "Bubble" platform to confirm to fans that a new "candybong" will be available soon. Twice's next lightstick seems to have new technology such as using touch to change colors and effects. The center of the lightstick also appears to have an infinity mirror with Twice's logo.

Fans have been ecstatic seeing all the new promotions for Ready to Be and can't wait to see what Twice will bring to their biggest tour yet this year!

Ready to Be is available on all platforms and is available for purchase in stores such as Target and Barnes & Noble!



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