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STAYC Drops "Teddy Bear" Single

By Chloe Chang

Photo by High Up Entertainment

4th generation leaders STAYC has come back with a new single album Teddy Bear and a title track of the same name! The Teddy Bear album includes "Teddy Bear" and the Korean version of the group's Japanese song "Poppy." Teddy Bear is STAYC's first Korean comeback since We Need Love and "Beautiful Monster" in July of 2022.

The members spoke to The Korea Herald about their newest release. Isa said, "If we'd shown a nostalgic, (emotionally) overwhelming and mature side of us through 'We Need Love,' this song captures our positive, cheerful and kitschy charms, demonstrating our identity as StayC." Sumin, the leader and oldest member of STAYC, added, "Through 'Teddy Bear,' we wish to share hope and comfort by saying 'it's okay because this is our first life.' We hope it becomes like a stepping stone for everyone kicking off on a promising new year." "Teddy Bear" has a catchy chorus, but Sumin said that the initial version of the song wasn't ear-catching to the members. She noted, "At first, I was worried the chorus part where we repeat 'teddy bear' sounded flat, but recording the song and preparing for the performance, it gained layers of our color."

STAYC, also known as "Star to a Young Culture," has certainly lived up to their name. They have become an image of the "high-teen" concept, especially in their music videos for "ASAP" and "Stereotype." The music video for "Teddy Bear" also has a high-teen vibe, with popping color schemes and trendy outfits. The track itself is in the genre of "teen-fresh" as the STAYC members call it. Member Yoon explained, "Many groups have debuted recently, introducing songs of diverse genres into K-pop, and as StayC, we plan to continue making music with our uniquely energetic and teen-fresh vibes." Sieun elaborated on this, saying, "We aim to show properly what 'teen-fresh' is with this album, and eventually, we hope StayC's teen-fresh can become one of the defining genres of K-pop."

Photo by High Up Entertainment

Photo by High Up Entertainment

The girl group has built up a strong discography that establishes STAYC's color, and "Teddy Bear" is no different. Like most of their songs, "Teddy Bear" was written and composed by the renowned founders of High Up Entertainment, Rado and Choi Kyu Sung (Black Eyed Pilseung), who have created songs for other artists such as Sistar, Twice, GOT7, and more.

"Teddy Bear" also has STAYC's beloved catchphrase "STAYC girls, it's going down" in the intro, which is also found in the group's other title tracks "So Bad," "ASAP," "Stereotype," and "Beautiful Monster." "RUN2U" from YOUNG-LUV.COM is STAYC's only title track that doesn't include the catchphrase, and fans are excited that "Teddy Bear" is keeping up with the pattern.

Stream STAYC's newest comeback "Teddy Bear" now on all platforms, and check out the song's cute music video!



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