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Small Robot vs. Big World in Harry Styles' "Satellite" Music Video

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Harry Styles, Youtube

On May 3rd, Harry Styles released a music video for his Harry's House song "Satellite," starring a cute, curious robot named "Stomper!"

Named after Styles' dance moves "Satellite Stomps," during his live performances of the song, Stomper is the main focus of the music video as it travels across the United States in search for a satellite after watching a documentary about NASA's Curiosity rover.

Stomper goes on stage with Styles during an actual performance of "Satellite" when Styles was at The Kia Forum for Love on Tour. At the time, fans saw the robot maneuvering around on stage with Styles and were confused until the release of the music video.

The "Satellite" music video brings nostalgia to fans who attended Styles' Los Angeles residency, since the video included shots from the concerts as well as the outside of The Kia Forum through the perspective of Stomper. Fans were touched that Styles and his team paid attention to small details such as recreating what his actual fans wore to his Love on Tour shows when they shot scenes of actors portraying fans.

In the music video, Stomper crosses states in search of connection, braving changes in weather, zooming cars, rats, and other obstacles. At the end, Stomper finds a field of satellites in what is revealed to be NASA's Kennedy Space Center. There, Styles is laying in the grass watching the night sky, and Stomper loses battery next to him after its cross-country journey.

The "Satellite" music video is directed by Aube Perrie, who also worked on Styles' "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" video. In a series of two Instagram posts, she wrote the sweet message, "Almost a year ago, Harry Styles entered my world in the form of a Whatsapp text, and it changed my life in quite literally in many ways... Thank you for believing day one in my story of a lonely little automatic vacuum cleaner in search of connection... Stomper, I love you. I hope that one day you finally get to meet Curiosity. Farewell my little friend."

Watch the video for "Satellite" featuring Stomper now!



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