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Nicki Minaj Makes History as Pink Friday 2 Dominates with a No. 1 Album and Record-Breaking Sales.

Nicki Minaj continues her reign as the queen of rap, with her latest album, "Pink Friday 2," claiming the coveted No. 1 spot on the U.S. charts. Achieving the most significant debut sales week for a rap album by a woman in the past four years, this achievement adds another milestone to Minaj's illustrious career.

"Pink Friday 2" not only follows in the footsteps of Minaj's 2010 debut album but also joins the ranks of her 2012 release, "Roman Reloaded," marking her third album to reach the pinnacle of the charts. With this accomplishment, Nicki Minaj solidifies her status as the female rapper with the most chart-topping albums to date.

The album's opening week saw an impressive equivalent of 228,000 albums sold, according to data provided by Luminate. Notably, "Pink Friday 2" made waves in the vinyl market, selling 25,000 copies. This achievement is particularly noteworthy, as it represents the highest vinyl sales figures for a rap album by a woman since Luminate began tracking such data in 1991.

"Pink Friday 2" is a 22-song extravaganza that showcases Minaj's versatility and star power. Featuring guest verses from heavyweights like Drake, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, and 50 Cent, the album weaves together a tapestry of musical influences. Minaj's artistry shines through as the album cleverly samples tracks from artists such as Billie Eilish, Blondie, Rick James, and more.

As if conquering the charts wasn't enough, Nicki Minaj is set to take her show on the road with the announcement of a 2024 arena tour. Scheduled to kick off in March, this tour promises to be a celebration of Minaj's chart-topping success, giving fans a chance to visit Gag City!

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