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Nicki Minaj Drops Fiery Diss Track "Big Foot" Following Megan Thee Stallion's "Hiss"

Nicki Minaj has unleashed her new track, "Big Foot," a diss aimed at Megan Thee Stallion. The feud escalated after Megan's recent release, "Hiss," which apparently drew Minaj's anger. The diss track doesn't hold back, directly naming Megan in the opening verse and delivering potent punches throughout.

Minaj doesn't mince words, spitting, "This little beggin’ whore talkin’ ’bout Megan’s law/For a free beat, you can hit Megan raw," in the first verse. The lyrics escalate, referencing Megan's partner, Pardi, and hinting at ghostwriting accusations. The track culminates with a spoken-word warning, hinting at a sequel, "But I’m very serious. Hoe, the things that you’ve lied about, even pertaining to your mom — you don’t want them out, OK?"

The feud began when Minaj interpreted a line in Megan's "Hiss" as a diss toward her and her husband Kenneth Petty. Although Megan never mentions Minaj by name, the reference to "Megan's Law" sparked the controversy. Petty has a criminal history related to attempted rape, and the lyrics seemingly allude to this.

The back-and-forth started on social media, with Minaj calling Megan a liar and a flop, and questioning the authenticity of Megan's account of being shot by Tory Lanez. Minaj teased "Big Foot" on Twitter, sharing a snippet and throwing jabs at Megan. The diss track was highly anticipated, and Minaj delivered, taking shots at Megan's credibility and personal life.

Megan responded on The Breakfast Club, stating that "Hiss" was directed at those who use her name for attention. She suggested that Minaj's reaction was expected, saying, "Every time one of these motherfuckers uses Megan Thee Stallion name, they get 24 hours of attention." Megan's response was dismissive, suggesting that whoever feels offended by her lyrics is the one who needs to address it.

As the drama unfolded, Minaj continued to stoke the flames with tweets accusing an unnamed woman, presumably Megan, of various actions, including using a ghostwriter. Minaj claimed she had more songs ready and hinted at releasing them.

At the time of writing, Megan has not publicly responded to Minaj's accusations or the release of "Big Foot." The ongoing feud between the two icons in hip-hop has captured the attention of fans, keeping the industry abuzz with speculations and reactions.



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