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NCT 127's 4th Repackage Album "Ay-Yo"

By Chloe Chang

Photo by SM Entertainment

NCT 127 is back with their 4th repackage album Ay-yo! The repackage follows the release of the group's 4th album 2 Baddies.

Ay-Yo is a 15-track repackage album with 3 new songs not found in 2 Baddies: the title track "Ay-Yo", "DJ", and "Skyscraper." In an interview with Uproxx, the members of NCT 127 talked about their thoughts about Ay-Yo and their experiences recording their new repackage album. Speaking about their first impressions of the title track "Ay-Yo," Johnny said, "I feel like there was a strong seduction, so like right after the track starts the first line that comes out really I felt would catch the audience’s attention." Mark added, "I think the bridge is what stood out the most to me, when I first heard it and it still stands out the most to me even now. So, I think the bridge is the 'killing part' of the whole song." Johnny and Mark went on to note that NCT 127 recorded for Ay-Yo immediately after 2 Baddies and that the group finished songs "DJ" and "Skyscraper" earlier than "Ay-Yo" due to the time it took to choose a title track for the 2 Baddies album.

Photo by SM Entertainment

Ay-Yo also came with a music video for the title track, and the NCT 127 members showed off how they can pull off any style. Taeyong, for instance, sported spiky hair that was very punk rock, while Jaehyun looked classy in a suit. Members Jungwoo and Doyoung matched in one scene with leather and vinyl pieces.

Speaking about their personal styles to Teen Vogue, NCT 127 mentioned some style aspects that became apparent in the "Ay-Yo" music video and concept pictures. When describing Taeyong, Jungwoo said, "He goes out of his boundaries by trying out new styles. It shows he's up for a challenge yet still has a solid style of his own, which I get a lot of inspiration from." Jaehyun noted that Yuta's fashion sense was "rock and roll and punk," and Yuta described Mark's style as sporty and cool because "he wears a lot of hats and beanies."

Ay-Yo has already broken records since its release! It now hold the spot as the SM repackage album with the most 1st week sales on the Hanteo Charts. It is also the second most sold repackage album in general after Seventeen's Sector 17.

Stream Ay-Yo now on all platforms!



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