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Man! I feel like…listening to “Come on Over!”

By Anthony Cesario

Let’s go, girls!

This past week, Shania Twain’s record-shattering third studio album Come on Over celebrated its 25th anniversary.

With more than 40 million copies sold worldwide, the album cemented Shania as one of the most successful crossover acts of all time. Its infectious blend of country with pop and rock made for a slew of hits that still hold up today, whether that be through sappy-in-the-best-way love songs (“You’re Still the One,” my personal favorite), sassy bangers everyone knows the words to (“That Don’t Impress Me Much”), or enduring karaoke bar staples (“Man! I Feel Like a Woman”).

Come on Over consists of 16 songs, a whopping 12 of which were released as singles from 1997 to 2000. You don’t see that kind of single run on a daily basis, which goes to show how much of a success this album was. In fact, it went on to become the best-selling album in the US by a female artist of all time, and the ninth-best-selling album of all time in the US overall.

Shania will be releasing her new album Queen of Me next year on February 3. It will be her first album in six years, since 2017’s Now. She will also be touring starting in April. Tickets can be purchased from her website.


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