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International Women's Day: Women in Music Award-winners

By Chloe Chang

Photo by Billboard

Happy International Women's Day!

Last week, Billboard held their Women in Music event where they honored all the strong women in the music industry. Check out some of these amazing women and the awards they received!

SZA: Woman of the Year

Photo by Christopher Polk

Becky G: Impact Award

Photo by Nicole Albrecht

Doechii: Rising Star Award

Photo by Christopher Polk

Ivy Queen: Icon Award

Photo by Rich Polk

Kim Petras: Chartbreaker Award

Photo by Gilbert Flores

Lainey Wilson: Rulebreaker Award

Photo by Rich Polk

Lana Del Rey: Visionary Award

Photo by Rich Polk

Latto: Powerhouse Award

Photo by Christopher Polk

Rosalía: Producer of the Year

Photo by Christopher Polk

Twice: Breakthrough Award

Photo by Rich Polk

Sylvia Rhone: Executive of the Year

Photo by Rich Polk

The Women in Music event had many uplifting and iconic moments. SZA, who didn't have a pre-written speech, spoke from the heart when she accepted her Woman of the Year award. She said, “I really just want my life to be more than music, to be more than just an artist. I want to serve others, I want to serve people I want to be open and available to whatever God wants from me and saying yes to everything that’s scary to everything that feels like it’s not for you or where you don’t belong. It’s really the only way we walk through those doors. I encourage everybody to continue to be inspired and just stay available. You don’t have to be confident or even know that you are the one, or anything like that, you just have to say yes to the possibility. I’m grateful and thank you all for saying yes to me..." Becky G also had a heartfelt speech as she said, "Where we come from will always be in our hearts, but where we go, that is up to us. And, as a 200 percenter, as a Chicana, a proud Mexican-American, as someone who prides herself in loving in two languages and speaking in two languages and working in two languages, representing two flags, I want to say this to other 200 percenters: It may be a lonely road to pursue things that we were never taught, some of our own might even make us feel bad for wanting more, and our own minds might even tell us that we have no place of belonging because we’ve been told que no somos ni de aquí ni de allá (that we are neither from here, nor from there.) But I know firsthand que sí vale la pena (that it is worth it to) push through it, I promise you it is so worth it, because without fear there is no courage, and with that same courage we can make impact.”

Moments from the show also made it to Twitter such as Kim Petras and Twice fangirling over each other, and sweet interactions between Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey!

The impact women have made on the music industry should always be highlighted, and we take today and every day to celebrate their achievements!


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