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EDM Artist ILLENIUM Rocks Two Hype Nights at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles

PHOTO: Instagram / @illenium

February 2nd and 3rd were two iconic days ravers couldn’t miss. On these days, Denver-based EDM artist ILLENIUM held Trilogy: Los Angeles at Sofi Stadium where each day was a 7 hour long festival experience no matter if you were up close to the stage on the floor or vibing in the seats. 

Each day, the show began at 4:30 PM with an opener. The opener for Feb. 2 was Netsky, a Belgium-based EDM producer on-the-rise, and the opener for the next day was Trivecta, an EDM DJ from Florida who is also up and coming in the world of EDM. Their energy-filled, 90-minute sets thrilled the audience for the trilogy of ILLENIUM sets that started 10 minutes after.

On average, the three sets were 80 minutes each, and each set was accompanied by lasers and clips from ILLENIUM’s animated movie, “Starfall,” that added to the unworldly experience of Trilogy LA. As the night went on, each set grew longer and the audience were able to keep losing themselves in the moment.

Throughout his sets, he played remixes (e.g. “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift and “Without Me” by Halsey) and original tracks, including fan favorites “Good Things Fall Apart” and “Feel Good.” Throughout his sets, ILLENIUM brought out special guests, like Avril Lavigne, Dabin, Tori Kelly, and Trippie Reid to sing their parts in the songs they’re featured in. 

The experience of an EDM concert would not be whole without ravers. In rave culture, ravers make kandi bracelets–colorful, beaded bracelets like friendship bracelets–and exchange them with other ravers. However, the exchange is more than simply handing each other a bracelet. The person giving the bracelet holds the hand of the person they are giving the bracelet to, and they use the hand with the bracelet.

With the same hand, they “PLUR” which is doing a series of hand motions that stand for “peace, love, unity, respect.” The hands touch the entire exchange, and the motions are a peace sign, a heart, hand palms touching, and then holding hands. Ravers do “PLUR” to promote the idea of having fun while staying safe, as rave culture can be intense with things like mosh pits and headbanging. “PLUR” enhances the rave community and allows ravers to feel safer at raves. 

Originally, ILLENIUM’s Trilogy in LA was just February 2, but a second show was added due to popular demand, showing the growing popularity of the DJ.

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