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Do you want to be a STAR?!

This Monday, July 25th, JYP Entertainment, Republic Records, and Federal Films announced their joint venture: America2Korea (A2K). Their goal is to find the next global girl group!

"The name of this project is A2K, which is an abbreviation of America2Korea so the final artist that comes out of this procedure will be the first American artist made out of the K-pop system," says J.Y. Park (founder and chairman of JYP Entertainment).

The competition will consist of hopefuls, ages 12 through 16, from America to Canada. In-person auditions will take place in five major cities:

September 10th - Atlanta

September 14th - Chicago

September 17th & 18th - New York City

September 20th - Dallas

September 23rd, 24th, & 25th - Los Angeles

After A2K's Los Angeles boot camp, semifinalists will travel to JYP's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and will experience intense training with top executives, choreographers, producers, and more. The winners will make up the super group! Watch the official video below!


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