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SZA drops highly-anticipated “Shirt”

By Anthony Cesario

Nearly two years. That’s how long ago the snippet of an unreleased and then-untitled SZA song – which fans would collectively go on to refer to as “Shirt,” a decision the singer approved – became a viral dance challenge on TikTok. Ever since, SZA fans had been desperately waiting and anticipating the track’s full release. (Which is not an easy feat with an artist who is notoriously slow to drop new music.)

But alas, the wait is finally over. Today, SZA dropped “Shirt,” a sizzling song about unrequited love. Over a punchy bassline, she sings about a guy who makes her feel unworthy, but has the self-awareness to know she shouldn’t have to feel this way.

Even though the mixing of the song leaves a bit to be desired (it sounds like it was recorded through a decade-old iPhone), it is a welcome addition to SZA’s discography and is certainly catchy enough to encourage multiple replays. It should fit right at home on her long-awaited upcoming album. (Hint, hint, SZA.)

“Shirt” was accompanied by a music video directed by Dave Meyers, a Bonnie and Clyde-esque spectacle with a lot of visual effects and a lot of gunshots. At the end of the video, a long snippet of another as-of-yet-unreleased song (which, spoiler alert, sounds amazing) just like her 2020 song “Good Days” was played at the end of her video for “Hit Different.” Hopefully we don’t have to wait as long to hear this one…



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