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SZA and Doja Cat Collab on "Kill Bill" Remix

By Chloe Chang

Photo from Billboard

SZA and Doja Cat joined forces again on a remix of SZA's song "Kill Bill" from her album S.O.S. The pair teased the release on Twitter a few hours before it dropped on music platforms:

Howevever, "Kill Bill" wasn't originally the track that Doja Cat was going to feature on. Last July at the Mad Cool Festival, SZA hinted that Doja Cat would feature on her track "Shirt." Later in 2022, SZA went on HOT 97 and explained why the "Shirt" collab never ended up being finalized. She said, "[Doja Cat] had surgery, she had to have that emergency, like, vocal cord surgery and she wasn’t ready in the time that we needed to get the song done. There was a crossfire between, I think, her management and my management and they had told us it was done, but it wasn’t actually done."

Luckily, Doja Cat was able to feature on "Kill Bill," making another catchy song since the pair's last project together, "Kiss Me More." On the "Kill Bill" remix, Doja Cat adds a new verse with lyrics such as "She grabbed the kitchen knife, so I pulled out the blick / Ain't got it all the time, thank God I did for this / 'Cause she was seein' red, and all I saw was you / It happened in a flash when she charged at me / Y'all criss-crossed, saw her fall to the floor."

Check out some fans' reactions to the remix!

Listen to the "Kill Bill" remix out now on all platforms!



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