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Olivia Rodrigo Begins Her Anticipated “Guts” World Tour

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Not listening to Olivia a bad idea right

(A cheeky reference to the pop rock princess’s hit single and opening song of her GUTS world tour.)

February 23, 2024 is marked as a day in history because that is the day 21 year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo began her highly anticipated “GUTS” world tour. The tour is her second headline tour and her first arena tour. It has the same name as her most recently released work “Guts,” her second studio album and another album of hers circulating around saddened heartbreak and simultaneous anger toward past relationships, broken self-image and constant self-comparison, and the overarching tumultuous concept of love and dealing with hardships that can come with being a girl in her youth. 

The tour commenced in Palm Springs and the stellar opener lineup for the tour includes synth-pop artist Chappell Roan, alternative-indie band The Breeders, American Idol alum Remi Wolf, and bedroom pop songstress PinkPantheress. Each opener performs for a separate leg of the tour; so far, Chappell Roan has been opening the Guts shows. 

After the opener performs, the word Guts, spelled out in birthday candles, appears on the stage screen and progressively melts until the start of the concert. Having captivated audience members with her vocals, stage presence, and additional concert elements that add to the iconicness of the tour. Sparkly and grunge outfits, fun choreography, and stage props perfectly tie into the purple-loving punk princess image of Olivia. I mean, the purple crescent moon she sat on when she performed “logical” and her cherry red megaphone she sang into for the intro of “get him back!” were absolutely iconic.

Continuing in the U.S. and Canada until the beginning of April, the tour will resume in Europe at the end of April and will circle back to the U.S. in July. In August, the tour will close in Los Angeles. It also marks the end of her “Guts” era which is sad since it has been such a beloved period of time since its release in September, but it also means Olivia will be working on new music for the world to listen to when egging their ex’s house and smashing their car with a golf club (jokes) or when needing Olivia’s relatable voice to cry with.

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