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Levi Hummon Performs "Good Riddance" in 360° Virtual Reality!

It's time to say "good riddance to the past" and start looking towards the future! Levi Hummon takes his own lyrics literally in his futuristic 360° performance here at MUSICVRSE! Put on your virtual reality goggles to truly immerse yourself with Levi as he performs on a street corner in Beverly Hills, California.

If you're an active user on TikTok, it's likely Levi Hummon has crossed your page once or twice. He goes live on the platform regularly and has amassed over 780,000 fans. If you haven't seen Levi himself, it's likely you've seen someone using his song in their video, or even doing the "Good Riddance" dance.

"I released Good Riddance a year ago today and it's at 80,000 videos on TikTok. It's just insane to see people using that sound and the song itself to say good riddance to exes, good riddance bad habits, good riddance to addiction," Levi shared with MUSICVRSE. "It's been awesome to watch."

With a cheerful dance and brutally honest lyrics, Levi finds a new energy in letting go of the past. As the Chorus goes...

Good riddance to that lukewarm beer in the kitchen

Good riddance to them sad songs, I don't wanna listen

Yeah, thought my heart was broke, but turns out it isn't

When a girl like you walks into a room

All you can do is say

Good riddance

You can watch Levi Hummon perform "Good Riddance" in 360° on YouTube or Facebook.

Watch now in 360° on the MUSICVRSE YouTube or Facebook



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