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Ed Sheeran Set to Release New Single: "Bad Habits"

Between Instagram posts captioned with “Somethings cookin’” and a string of recent performances marking the end of his 18-month musical hiatus, Ed Sheeran has been teasing fans with the possibility of new music for quite some time. And, finally, he made it official.

On June 3rd, Ed posted a video on Instagram of himself playing a brief snippet of an unreleased song live with Courtney Cox on the piano, and he captioned the video “June 25th.” One week later, Ed posted again with a clip of the final studio recording, along with the name of his single: “Bad Habits.”

“Bad Habits,” set to release on all platforms on June 25th, will be Ed’s first solo single since his platinum hit “Happier” from 2017. In the interim, Ed released his No. 6 Collaborations Project, which spawned several hits, including the Justin Bieber featuring “I Don’t Care” and “Beautiful People” with Khalid, and an independent solo song, “Afterglow,” released last December.

Per usual, Ed has clearly invested time and money into a unique music video he plans to release alongside the song. In his post introducing the song to the world, Ed is seen in a mirror wearing fangs with scarred, black and red makeup surrounding strikingly bright blue eyes, in a vampire-esque fashion. Similarly, the “Bad Habits” font is stylized in bright pink, with ink dripping down like blood. Although no video preview has been released, “Bad Habits” is sure to captivate and highlight a previously unseen facet of Ed’s creative genius.


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