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Ava Max drops empowering new single “Weapons”

By Anthony Cesario


Ever since Ava Max dropped her new single “Weapons” last night, that line has been running through my brain on repeat. As we’ve come to expect from her by now, the song is one of the catchiest things you’ll hear all year. It’s the type of cheesy, feel-good anthem that would’ve fit right at home on pop radio in the early 2010s. (Coming from me, that’s the highest compliment.)

“Weapons” is an upbeat synth-pop banger that advises us all to live by the Golden Rule. Is the message anything new? No. Is the sound original? No. But it’s pretty well-written for a dance-pop song (I particularly like the pre-chorus where she sings, “Got a bulletproof vest under my dress / Packed bags under my bed / The biggest hearts are the biggest targets”) and anyway, when I listen to Ava Max, I’m looking for something fun and catchy – and she delivered for sure.

“Weapons” is the third single from Ava’s upcoming sophomore album Diamonds & Dancefloors, following “Maybe You’re the Problem” and “Million Dollar Baby” (which are also fun bops I recommend checking out).

The album was supposed to be out in October, but it was pushed back to January 27. Even though it’s going to be hard to wait so long, given how good her first album Heaven & Hell was, I’m sure we’ll be in for another treat.



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